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CHIHIROS Magnetic Lamp and Wabi Kusa Stand and Glass Tank

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CHIHIROS Magnetic Lamp and Wabi Kusa Stand and Glass Tank

Transform your space with the innovative and versatile CHIHIROS Magnetic Lamp, Wabi-Kusa Stand, and Glass Tank combo. This complete kit provides an effortless way to create a vibrant, natural ecosystem in your home or office. 

The Magnetic Lamp is a state-of-the-art illumination device that will dramatically highlight the beauty of your indoor aquatic garden. This advanced light source features 3-in-1 RGB LEDs and white LEDs, delivering a powerful luminous intensity ranging from 650 to 700 Lumens. You can easily control and fine-tune the lighting to your preferences, thanks to the lamp's dual-channel adjustment and APP control capabilities. From a soft morning glow to a vibrant midday shine, this lamp ensures your plants and aquatic life get the optimal light conditions they need to thrive.

Accompanying the lamp is the Wabi-Kusa Stand - a stylish and sturdy support system designed to display your indoor garden prominently. Its sleek design harmoniously integrates with any interior decor, drawing attention to your aquatic display while preserving a clean, minimalistic look.

The final piece of the ensemble is the Glass Tank. Measuring 15cm in width, 15cm in height, and 30cm in depth, this high-quality, clear glass tank provides ample space to design a thriving ecosystem. Its perfectly transparent walls ensure an unobstructed, panoramic view of your carefully curated aquascape from any angle.

Key Features:

  • Magnetic Lamp: Equipped with 3-in-1 RGB and white LEDs for versatile lighting, with dual-channel adjustments and APP control for customized illumination
  • Wabi-Kusa Stand: Provides a stable and stylish display platform that perfectly complements your interior design
  • Glass Tank: A transparent, high-quality tank measuring 15cm (W) x 15cm (H) x 30cm (D), offering ample space for your aquascape

With the CHIHIROS Magnetic Lamp, Wabi-Kusa Stand, and Glass Tank, creating an eye-catching, vibrant aquascape has never been easier. Transform your space with this comprehensive kit and enjoy the serenity and beauty of nature in your own home. This product setup is an excellent choice for hobbyists, professional aquarists, or anyone desiring a touch of nature within their indoor environment.