Chipsi Sunshine Plus Timothy Hay 800g
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Chipsi Sunshine Plus Timothy Hay 800g

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Timothy Hay - The naturally healthy snack!

CHIPSI SUNSHINE TIMOTHY HAY is a valuable plant food made from the finest meadow-rich grass with a high biodiversity.

Due to the particularly strong stalk structure, the necessary tooth abrasion is promoted in rodents and small animals.

The high-quality supplementary feed with a high raw fiber content not only tastes delicious but supports digestion and metabolism with valuable fiber.

The high fibre content and the balanced calcium-phosphorous ratio ensure that the bones and teeth of small animals remain healthy and strong. 

Impressive benefits:

  • Promotes the necessary dental abrasion due to particularly strong stalk structure
  • High-quality supplementary feed for rodents and small animals
  • High crude fibre and nutrient content
  • Supports with valuable fiber digestion and metabolism
  • High fibre content promotes optimum nutritional balance
  • Prevents excessive tooth growth and promotes digestion
  • Also suitable for sensitive animals and animals suffering from allergies
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