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Dr Claude's Snow Bones 1kg

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Dr Claude's Snow Bones 1kg

Fancy a little iced treat for tea? Or anytime really. Delicious vanilla-flavored iced biscuit will send your doggos onto a cloud of pudding bliss.

Dr Claude’s biscuits are recommended by – and only available from – veterinarians. Their bone shape is one that all dogs recognize. They are the perfect way to reward good behavior, together with your dog’s unwavering loyalty and affection. The animal nutritionists at Dr Claude’s have carefully formulated these biscuits using top-quality ingredients. They are then baked to perfection. Their crunchy texture provides your dog with a good gnawing action, which keeps his teeth clean and healthy as he chews. Dr Claude’s has also added special ingredients to prevent plaque and tartar buildup. A blend of vitamins A, E, and B Group vitamins, together with Magnesium, Zinc, and Iron, will help boost their immune system.

Dr Claude Bourgelat was the founder of scientifically informed veterinary medicine. He founded the very first veterinary school, in Lyon, France in 1761. For centuries dogs have been labeled as ‘a man’s best friend’, offering companionship and loyalty to their human counterparts. When humans pet dogs, their bodies release oxytocin, a hormone associated with happiness, bonding, and affection. Dog companionship can also provide people with a sense of purpose, help develop a daily routine, and give them something to look forward to each day. Studies show that owning a dog reduces stress, alleviates anxiety, and can even prolong a human’s lifespan. These specially formulated biscuits celebrate the bond between man and dog. What better way to honor the first man to set about making sure that animals stayed healthy than to name a biscuit range after him. 


- Immune System Support
- Teeth Cleaning Agent
- Added vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants
- Added Vitamin A for healthy eyes
- Added Calcium for healthy bones
- No preservatives, colorants, sweeteners, or added sugars