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Skull Gazers Ornament - Jungle Aquatics
Skull Gazers Ornament - Jungle Aquatics
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Skull Gazers Ornament

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Skull Gazers 

Penn Plax Skull Gazer Aquatic Resin Ornaments –

Skull-Gazers, resin ornaments with jeweled eyes, assorted 3 styles.

Add some fun to your aquarium with these resin Skull-Gazers. They look, more or less, like human skulls with red-jeweled eyes and also swim-through holes that really stand out in an aquarium.

Made of non-toxic, fish-safe materials, the jeweled eyes also add an extra fantasy appeal.

Size – 7 x 10 x 8cm / 2.8 x 3.9 x 3.1″

Please note a style is sent out at random