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Waterlife Sterazin P 500ml Treats Flukes and Worms in Pond Fish

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Waterlife Sterazin P

Sterazin P is for the control of gill and body flukes which cause fish to flick and scrape. Also treats internal worms, which causes wasting. Sterazin P is safe with pond fish, plants and filtration.

Notes: Leave biological filtration running. Switch off u.v. sterilisers and remove carbon and / or ammonia removers before use. Resume 72 hours after last day of use. Contains colour dye, avoid contact with skin, clothes and furnishings. Sterazin P works most efficiently in water temperatures above 10°C. NB. Do not use when crustaceans or related species are present.

To calculate a square pond capacity:
For litres – (L x W x D) in cms and divide by 1000. Allow for water displaced by slopes, shelves etc.

Directions: Tighten cap & shake bottle. Use the cup to measure the correct dose. Add to a clean watering can and fill with water. Sprinkle over the pond surface.


500ml treats a 5-day course for 7200 litres

Do not overdose.

Frequency of treatment:  You will require 5 separate applications to complete the course. Sterazin P must be used on days 1,3,6,8 and 10 in order to catch the parasites in all stages of their life cycle. If necessary, the course may be repeated after 48 hours. Wait 7 days after the last dose before using any other disease treatment.

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