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Introducing Aqua Illumination Orbit Cross Flow Pumps - Jungle Aquatics Pet Superstore

Introducing Aqua Illumination Orbit Cross Flow Pumps

Revolutionizing Aquarium Care: The AI Orbit Cross-Flow Pumps

Discover how the AI Orbit Cross-Flow Pumps are transforming the world of aquariums, combining innovative technology with unparalleled water movement control.

Innovative Design
These pumps stand out with a design that not only enhances the aesthetics but also promotes a healthier aquatic environment through a wide, gentle flow pattern, mimicking ocean currents.

Advanced Control
Experience the next level of aquarium pump technology with smart controls via the myAI® or Mobius apps, allowing customized flow patterns directly from your smartphone.

Flow Patterns for Every Need
With versatile modes like Pulse, Random, and Reverse, these pumps cater to a wide range of aquatic ecosystems, ensuring optimal conditions for all types of marine life.

Energy Efficient and Quiet
Enjoy a vibrant aquarium without high electricity costs or disruptive noise, thanks to the pumps’ energy-efficient and quiet operation.

Two Models for Diverse Aquariums
The Orbit 2 and Orbit 4 models cater to different tank sizes and glass thicknesses, ensuring suitability for

Versatile and Effective Water Movement

Benefit from comprehensive, tank-circling flow, essential for nutrient distribution and eliminating dead spots in the aquarium.

Easy Installation
The user-friendly design and included components, like the integrated driver and mounting magnet, make the setup process simple and accessible.

The AI Orbit Cross-Flow Pumps mark a new era in creating optimal aquatic environments, combining modern technology with efficient design. Ideal for any aquarium enthusiast seeking advanced care for their aquatic environment.

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