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Philips Ultraviolet (UV) Replacement Tubes

R 225.00

Akwaria LED Light 5w

R 295.00

Odyssea EA-Series Tropical LED Light Units

R 799.00

Zetlight E100 Macro Algae LED Light

R 1,200.00

Zetlight Aqua ZA1201-WiFi Marine LED

R 2,300.00

Odyssea Hi-Lumen-Series LED Light Unit

R 932.00

UV Replacement Tube 9w

R 499.00

Zetlight Aqua ZA1201 Marine LED

R 1,465.00

Zetlight Aqua ZA1200 Freshwater LED

R 1,465.00

Zetlight Qmaven ZT6800 II Marine LED Light Unit

R 13,895.00

Red Sea ReefLED Mounting Options

R 520.00

Red Sea ReefLED 90 Smart Reef LED Lighting System

R 9,900.00