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Loadshedding Solutions for Fish Tank Aquariums and Ponds

Load shedding is a reality that many in South Africa face due to the struggling state owned power entity; Eskom. While it's a necessary measure to keep our electrical grid stable, it can present serious problems for owners of fish tank aquariums and fish ponds. Without a constant source of electricity, important systems like filtration and aeration can fail, putting your aquatic life at risk.

That's why we provide bespoke backup power solutions specifically designed for your fish tanks and fish ponds. Our range of backup powered air pumps are not only reliable during power outages, but are also easy to use, efficient, and portable, ensuring that your aquatic environment thrives even during the most challenging load shedding schedules.

Our air pump solutions are critical for two reasons. First, they provide necessary oxygenation for your fish during a power outage. Fish, like all aquatic creatures, need a steady supply of oxygen to survive. When the power cuts out, traditional pumps stop, which can quickly lead to oxygen depletion. A battery-powered backup pump ensures a continuous supply of oxygen, preserving your fishes' health and vitality.

Secondly, these pumps help to maintain water quality. They circulate the water, preventing stagnation and promoting the distribution of essential nutrients throughout your aquarium or pond. In doing so, they help to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria and algae blooms, thus maintaining the overall health of your aquatic environment.

Staying ahead of Eskom's power outage schedules is crucial, but it's not always enough. To truly safeguard your aquatic ecosystem, investing in a reliable backup power solution is essential. Explore our range of portable backup air pump solutions today, and give your aquatic friends the best protection during load shedding.


EcoFlow Delta 2 1024Wh Portable Power Station - SA Plug Points

R 22,499.00R 26,999.00

EcoFlow Delta Pro 3600Wh Refurbished DEMO Model

R 64,999.00R 74,999.00

EcoFlow RIVER 2 - 256Wh Portable Power Station - SA Plug Points

R 6,299.00R 8,999.00

EcoFlow RIVER Pro 720Wh Portable Power Station - SA Plug Points

R 13,999.00R 15,999.00

GIZZU Universal Voltage Protector Plug

R 345.00

MAC AFRIC 3.2kW Inverter Generator

R 12,950.00R 14,500.00

Resun Low Noise AC/DC Pond Air Pump

R 3,795.00

SOBO AC/DC Lithium Rechargeable Air Pump A-12F 9L/Min (2 x 4.5L/Min) 8.0W

R 1,150.00

SOBO Air Box Rechargeable Air Pump A-15D AC/DC with Lithium Battery

R 1,395.00

SOBO AP900 Battery DC Backup Air Pump

R 160.00

SOBO SB-418 AC/DC USB Chargeable Single Outlet Backup Air Pump

R 295.00

SOBO SB-428 AC/DC USB Chargeable Double Outlet Backup Air Pump

R 495.00

SOBO SB-960 Portable Battery Aquarium Air Pump

R 125.00

SOBO SB4000 Mini AC/DC Air Pump

R 650.00

Sun Sun AC/DC Battery Backup Air Pump - APQ-505 / 510l/h

R 2,699.00

Sun Sun AC/DC Battery Backup Air Pump - APQ510 / 1020l/h

R 4,235.00