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Based on 189 reviews
So far so good

Fish seems to love it but still too early to tell how good it is ... manufacturer should spend more on a better looking label the paper label makes the product look cheap

Perfect find!

I've been looking for specific food for my little one and this was the perfect find. I mix it in with his usual food and he eats it

Red Sea Salt
Wesley G.
Red Sea Salt

Moved over from Seachem Vibrant, Red Sea Mixes much faster and clearer than Seachem, and is a much more stable mix with lesser precipitation


Bought this for my tortoises because I was wanted to enrich their diet. . Was not sure if they would enjoy it ,but they absolutely love it.

Excellent product

Buy this on repeat for my koi. Recommended by top koi importer.

Baby Fishes

Well, I think they do enjoy the food. I think!

Thank you for the sucker with the order.

Saki- Hikari growth

Works really well for our Koi. And your service is wonderful.
Thank you 🙏

Good product very satisfied

My older boy loves this variant & it seems to be good for his sensitive stomach.

Great product - love the adjustable safe clip

Great product

Works as described

Works brilliantly

Would have given 5 stars if it came with a battery

Handy watering can

Useful for filling up small nano tanks without spilling water everywhere. The easy to ready measurements makes mixing additives a lot easier too.


Service from Jungle Aquatics on point, however the food upon opening it felt extremely moist. This is not my first bag and compared to the other bags was not the same. Still usable.

SOBO pump

Excellent service , fast delivery. Works well exactly what I ordered and a a good price.

Really the world's best cat litter

I have been using The World's Best cat litter for over a year now. I used to use the traditional litter but will never again. With the The World's best litter I scoop the **** into the toilet and when I dispose of the litter it goes into the compost heap. No smell and so easy to use. Highly recommend this product, might be pricey but it last longer than traditional litter and so much easier to clean.

Good quality

Not much to say about this - it is a y-fitting. It fits and it is strong so it won't break when you fit it to your air piping

Shrimp love it

My shrimp are brightly coloured since eating this. They prefer it to flake food and it lasts very long - 10g lasts me 3 months in a 60L tank

Saved my koi from metal poisoning

I used Dophin anti chlorine to condition water during water change, but did not notice that it DOES NOT REMOVE HEAVY METALS. It is NOT a water conditioner. I treated for most fish deseases, but the fish got worse. I live in Roodepoort and remembered that after a water supply cut, the water that came out of the tap was rust coloured. I then went looking for a water conditioner and found this conditioner. Immediately after dosing the hospital tank, the health of the fish improved and a day later they started eating again. They now seem fully recovered, although I am sure they still have some damage.


An amazing pump. Been running for over a week now. Works great. Heavier than expected on arrival. Turned the pump on to drain our pond and clean it the moment it arrived. Took 2hours to empty 9800L. Was impressed.

Handy tool

Is a great purchase. Disnt think we need it but its come in handy.

Chubleez Chloe Cow
Inge v.d.S.

my puppy loves her toy!

my puppy loves her toy!

my puppy loves her toy!