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Dog Treats

Montego Classic Wet Adult Food

R 20.00

Montego Bags O Wags Chewies

R 30.00

Chompie Sticks

R 49.00

Montego Karoo Meat Bits Treats 120g

R 50.00

Montego Karoo Puppy Wet Food Lamb 380g

R 36.00

Bob Martins Dentacare Sticks

R 69.00

Pets Elite Beef Biltong Twists

R 38.00

Pets Elite Chewy Treat

R 65.00

Chompie Sticks Offcuts 400g

R 149.00

Pets Elite Peanut Butter for Dogs

R 55.00

Pets Elite Liver Biltong Treats - Bite Size

R 45.00

Pets Elite Dino Bone (Hip Short Bone)

R 45.00