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Small Animal Toys & Accessories

Small Animal Silent Spinner Wheels

R 120.00

Kaytee Chew Toy Carrot Patch

R 99.00

Small Animal Toilet Litter Pan

R 210.00

Hay Roller

R 210.00

Kaytee Combo Chews Apple Slices

R 99.00

Paw Print Small Animal Harness & Lead Small

R 175.00

Kaytee Natural Woven Apple Toss Toy

R 65.00

Mini Hamster Exercise Ball

R 99.00

Hamster Plastic Feeding Dish

R 15.00

Hamster & Bunny Hanging Water Bottles

R 110.00

Zolux Small Animal Claw Trimmer

R 149.00

Mini Sisal Carrots 6 Piece

R 99.00