The Courier Guy Training Facility Advert Video

The Courier Guy - Geared up to handle "South African" conditions 📦😂

Leo Prinsloo, the famous cash-in-transit-guy, has just joined forces with The Courier Guy to train their team members on “handling packages in South African conditions”.

Prinsloo made headlines in 2021 when his heroic actions were caught on his dashcam after his vehicle came under a hail of bullets from robbers on the N4 highway near Pretoria.

Now the real-life “action hero” is teaching his skills to package delivery team members at The Courier Guy.

“If he comes from the side, PK with a right”

“Uuummm, what’s a PK?”

“Aaaaa., it’s express delivery from Polokwane to Kakamas.”

Watch the hilarious video below:



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