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Aquaforest AF Lab Ca Plus

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Aquaforest AF Lab Ca Plus

Aquaforest Ca Plus is a highly concentrated formula designed for raising calcium levels in marine aquariums. Calcium is a vital element for coral skeletal formation and growth. Ca Plus supports calcification and healthy coral growth by providing easily assimilable calcium during shortages or sudden drops in your marine aquarium. The effectiveness of Ca Plus supplementation depends on the proper KH level, therefore it is recommended to use products that raise carbonate hardness (KH Plus or KH Buffer).

  • Concentrated calcium supplement
  • Key element for the development and growth of coral skeletons
  • Easily assimilable formula 


  • 10 ml increases the calcium level by 20 mg/l (ppm) in 100 litres (27 US gal) of water. 
  • Recommended level: 380 – 460 mg/l (ppm).
  • Dosage should be based on coral population and individual aquarium needs
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