Aquarium Smiths Dewormer and No-Planaria Treatment - Jungle Aquatics Pet Superstore
Aquarium Smiths Dewormer and No-Planaria Treatment - Jungle Aquatics Pet Superstore
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Aquarium Smiths Fish Dewormer and No-Planaria Treatment

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AquariumSmiths Fish Dewormer and No-Planaria is an anthelmintic (anti-worm) medication that is safe to use in aquaria and effective against many internal parasites, especially nematodes, when used in appropriate dosages.

It does not harm the bio-filter, plants, invertebrates, or uninfected fish. As an added benefit, it boosts the immune competence of fish.

The active ingredient is absorbed through the gut, can also be absorbed through the skin, and is distributed throughout the body. It affects the neurotransmitters and paralyzes the worm (spastic paralysis). The fish then passes the inactive worms. Good gravel vacuuming is advised after treatment to remove the paralyzed (but still live) worms.  It is not ovicidal, which means it will not affect eggs already present, but it will affect the larval stage of the worm. To ensure complete eradication of the parasite treat again after remaining eggs have hatched.

Absorption is systemic within 3 – 4 hours. Within three days 70% of the medication will be gone from the fish via its excretory system. The vast majority of the compound will have been metabolized by your fish. The remainder can be removed by water changes and/or by adding activated charcoal to your filtration system.

Nematodes (roundworms) and Planaria in particular are well-controlled by this treatment. Nematodes such as Capillaria, Eustronggylides, Camallanus, and Contracaecum are common among many fish species.

Hobbyists have been using it for years now and there are few reports of negative effects on fish. At higher dosages than recommended, there have been some reports of cloudy water at initial treatment and very few reports of rapid respiration or stress-related behavior in fish.

Below is the treatment protocol used for treating parasites with Aquarium Smiths Dewormer.

  1. Determine the appropriate dosage for your tank.
    Fish dosage:
    – 1 ml per 50 liters
    Shrimp dosage:
    – 1 ml per 100 liters.
  2. Treat with the lights off for 24 hours.
  3. Do a 30% water change and vacuum to remove the paralyzed worms in the substrate.
  4. Treat again in 4 days.
  5. Repeat steps 2-4 after 2 weeks.
  6. Repeat treatment after 2 months or when buying new fish.
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