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Aquavitro element M Media Reactor

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Aquavitro element M Media Reactor

Versatile, compact media reactor for up to 100 US gallons/380 liters

The element™ M Reactor is a filter media reactor that allows for the use of virtually any type of filter media in either fluidized or non-fluidized flow - including fine particle media such as resins. The element™ M Reactor allows for excellent efficient reaction with consistent even flow from the bottom of the reactor to the top. Using the adjustable internal plate, filter media can even be separated to allow for various uses within the same reactor. The element™ M Reactor features a by-pass valve which allows for fine flow regulation for even the most delicate media such as beaded resins.


  • Easily Removable Inner Chamber
    The inner chamber can be removed without full breakdown making it easy to clean, change or top off media
  • Movable Separation Plate for Various Volumes of Media
    The separation plate can be moved up and down which allows you to run any amount of media in a compacted fashion, preventing sheering of media
  • High Capacity Chamber
    The reactor chamber can hold up to 1.2 Liters of your choice of filtration media
  • Sensitive and Versatile Flow Regulation
    Offers highly controlled flow rate for running any type of media at any speed (even resins such as Seachem Purigen® or purfiltrum™)
  • Polishing Mechanical Filter Finish
    The included addition of a fine filter sock finish acts as a fine mechanical filter so no media particles escape into the system. It also prevents microbubbles from being released into the aquarium to irritate corals
  • Powerful External Pump
    Allows for higher column flow volume with more contact time and surface area. Allows for easy maintenance of the pump at anytime.
  • Versatile Sump Placement
    The element™ M and element™ Z have added versatility in positioning the return spillway. So depending on the size of your sump and placement of other equipment, you can always find a good fit.

But wait...there's more

  • Fluidized or Non-fluidized Media
    Allows for running of any type of media as a fluidized bed (biogen™) or as non-fluid bed (Seachem MatrixCarbon™)
  • Easy Maintenance
    The element™ M can be quickly and easily dismantled for maintenance and thorough cleaning.
  • Anti-Vibration O-rings and Rubber Feet
    Additional sound-dampening features assist in silent skimmer operation
  • Patent Pending Compact Base Design
    Designed with a compact footprint in mind to fit in virtually any sump
  • Operation is Independent of Water Level in Sump
    Variations in sump water level don't impact the function of the skimmer
  • 3 year warranty
    The element™ M is guaranteed against defects of materials and workmanship for a period of 3 years from the date of purchase, except for the pump’s impeller. This can be extended to 5 years by registering your skimmer. The warranty covers the replacement of the defective parts.