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Bags on Board Hand Armor Extra Thick Pick-Up Bags

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Bags on Board Hand Armor Extra Thick Pick-Up Bags

Be courteous and responsible; a good friend to your pet, community and environment when dealing with the not-so-glamorous part of pet ownership.

The Bags on Board Hand Armor Refill Bags arm you for the combat of poop scooping. Extra thick Hand Armor Bags will have your hand covered. Protect your hands; protect your nostrils; protect the environment; protect your fellowman from stepping into yucky poo. Bag it and carry it with confidence.

Make poop scooping a hassle-free experience with a positive impact. The Bags on Board Hand Armor Refill Bags are good-sizeable, twice as thick as regular Bags on Board Poop Bags that will fortify you against even the ugliest dog waste.

The Bags on Board Bags are thick, impenetrable and biodegradable. The bag’s walls are sensibly constructed of impermeable plastic to trap odours and prevent leaking. Fitted handles aid you to lock in the poop tightly and allow for easy carrying to a place of safe disposal.

The Bags on Board Hand Armor Refill container holds 200 extra thick waste pick-up bags in a space-efficient pull-system box for easy dispensing.

Each bag comes in a dimension of 17.8 cm x 38 cm.

Directions for use:

  • Turn the bag inside out.
  • Put your hand inside and pick up the pet waste – using the bag as a glove.
  • While holding the poop, pull your hand back to turn the bag outside in again, trapping the poop inside the bag.
  • Use both hands and tie the two handles to securely tie the bag tight, locking the poop and the odour inside.
  • Carry to the waste bin and dispose of it.

Size: 7"x15" x 100 Bags

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