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Bioloark Bio Cylinder Terrarium

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Model: ZD150
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Bioloark Bio Bottle Terrarium with Built-In LED Light

Immerse yourself in the beauty of nature with the Bioloark Bio Bottle Terrarium. This elegant product combines biology with design, creating a space where vibrant life thrives in the most unique ways. 

Our Bio Bottle Terrarium comes with a built-in LED light and fan, ensuring an optimal environment for your terrarium flora. To facilitate easy maintenance, we've designed it with adjustable ventilation and a handy USB fitting for an effortless connection to a power supply. 

Available in different shapes and sizes, the Bio Bottle Terrarium is perfect for every living space or workspace:

- Bio Bottle ZD150: Diameter 150mm, Height 295mm, Volume 4.5L, LED 5W 5600k
- Bio Bottle ZD200: Diameter 200mm, Height 343mm, Volume 9.4L, LED 10W 5600k

The cylindrical form of these high-quality nano terrariums provides a 360° panoramic view of your chosen scene, creating a unique focus point in your space. The LED lights in the cover emulate natural daylight with a color temperature of 6.500 K, promoting plant growth while illuminating your room with a soft, warm glow. With the integrated variable air slits, you have control over the terrarium's humidity, creating a balanced microclimate.

Design opportunities are boundless with the Bioloark Bio Bottle LED ZD. You can host a variety of biomes, from epiphytic orchids and bryophyte-filled mossariums to Wabi Kusa landscapes with emersed plants, allowing for boundless creativity on a nanoscale.

Invest in the Bioloark Bio Bottle Terrarium and infuse your space with a touch of living, breathing nature. Let it transform your surroundings from drab to lively, bringing a small piece of the jungle right into your home or office.

Kindly be aware that Bioloark Bottles are supplied as empty vessels, excluding plants, soil, or any decorative elements. The images presented are solely for illustration and inspiration. Customers bear the responsibility for their own setup and customization.

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