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Bubble Magus Automatic Sump Filter Rollers G2

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R 3,775.00
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Model: ARF-M G2
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Bubble Magus Automatic Sump Filter Rollers - Effortless Filtration Without Filter Socks

Upgrade your aquarium filtration system with the innovative Bubble Magus Automatic Sump Filter Rollers, eliminating the need for traditional filter socks. This advanced filtration solution revolutionizes the way you maintain water clarity and purity in your aquarium.

Designed for convenience and efficiency, the Bubble Magus Automatic Sump Filter Rollers streamline the filtration process. As water flows into the internal chamber through the aquarium system's drain, it passes through the filter roll, effectively trapping debris and impurities. When the water level rises due to filter clogging, the water level switch activates the 12v DC motor, smoothly winding the filter roll to expose a fresh, clean section. As the water level drops, the process repeats, ensuring continuous filtration without interruption.


  • Powerful 12v DC motor for reliable performance
  • Includes a ULc DC12v 1amp output power adapter for seamless operation
  • Water level switch triggers the motor to wind the filter roll when the water level rises
  • Non-woven filter roll with a generous width of 150mm and a length of 25M
  • Features a 1" I.D inlet pipe complete with flexible pipe for easy installation
  • Designed for internal sump mounting for a compact and space-saving setup

Upgrade your aquarium filtration system to a whole new level of efficiency and convenience with the Bubble Magus Automatic Sump Filter Rollers. Enjoy uninterrupted filtration and maintain superior water quality without the hassle of traditional filter socks. Invest in this innovative solution today and experience the benefits of effortless filtration for your beloved aquatic environment.