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Bubble Magus Mini Series Media Reactors

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SKU 1071
Model: Mini 70
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Bubble Magus Mini Reactors - Efficient and Affordable Media Reactors

Introducing the Bubble Magus Mini Reactors, designed to provide a robust, well-engineered, and cost-effective solution for fluidizing a wide range of filter materials in both marine and freshwater aquariums.

Available in two sizes, the Mini 70 and Mini 80, these compact reactors offer convenient options to suit your specific needs. The Mini 70 (Size: 105*105*420) has a capacity of 250ml, while the Mini 80 (Size: 115*115*435) boasts a larger capacity of 500ml.

The Bubble Magus Mini Reactor is a self-contained media reactor designed for use in a sump. The pump is strategically positioned at the base of the reactor, pumping water up through the media and allowing it to exit through the top before returning back into the sump. This ensures efficient fluidization and thorough contact between the media and water.

To ensure optimal performance, the reactor is equipped with upper and lower perforated plates and fine mesh pads. These components prevent the escape of all but the finest media particles during regular operation. However, when using Bio Pellets, it is recommended to remove the upper pad, as the perforated plate allows for proper flushing of the media.

Filling and emptying the media is a breeze with the Bubble Magus Mini Reactor. Thanks to its innovative design, which eliminates the need for a central stand-pipe, accessing the bottom of the reactor is quick and easy. This feature, often absent in reactors with higher price tags, enhances convenience and simplifies maintenance.

Please note that the Bubble Magus Mini Reactor is designed for use in a sump, as the water leaving the reactor does so under gravity. It cannot be used outside of an aquarium or sump setup.

Choose the Bubble Magus Mini Reactor to enjoy efficient fluidization of filter materials in your aquarium. With its user-friendly design and affordable pricing, it offers a practical solution for maintaining optimal water quality. Experience the benefits of a well-engineered media reactor that delivers exceptional performance without breaking the bank.

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