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Bubble Magus QQ2 Internal Nano Protein Skimmer

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Bubble Magus QQ2 Internal Nano Protein Skimmer

Step into the future of aquarium maintenance with the Bubble Magus QQ2 Internal Protein Skimmer. This highly efficient, compact skimmer is designed with the needs of smaller aquariums and tight spaces in mind. With its powerful performance and unique drop-in design, it's the ideal solution for All-In-One (AIO) tanks, quarantine tanks, traveling frag tanks, or holding tanks.

The QQ2 is more than just a compact skimmer. It operates with a minimum water level requirement of just 4", allowing for maximum flexibility in various aquarium setups. The skimmer features a plastic injected molded body that's durable and built to last. 

Enjoy quieter operation with the built-in air silencer and worry less about bubbles with the integrated bubble stopper. The QQ2 is powered by the reliable SP600 needle-wheel pump, which is renowned for its energy-efficient operation. Even with its powerful performance, the QQ2 consumes only 8.5W of power, making it an eco-friendly choice for your aquarium needs.

The practicality of the QQ2 extends to its maintenance as well. Its collection cup and skimmer body can be easily disassembled for cleaning and upkeep. The included mounting bracket also allows for simple installation and adjustment, making this skimmer an ideal choice for both novice and experienced aquarium owners.

Key Features:

  • Drop-in Design: Perfect for AIO or sumpless tanks
  • Built-in Air Silencer: Ensures quiet operation
  • Bubble Stopper: Minimizes bubble escape
  • Reliable Needle-Wheel Pump: Provides consistent performance
  • Suitable for Aquariums Up to 26 Gallons: Ideal for smaller aquariums

QQ2 Specifications:

- Aquarium Size Recommendation: Suitable for aquariums up to 26 gallons.
- Minimum Water Level: Operates at a minimum water level of 4".
- Dimensions: Compact size of 3.9"L x 2.9"W x 12"H.
- Pump Model: Comes with the reliable SP600 pump model.
- Power Consumption: Energy-efficient operation at 110v, 8.5W.

In the world of compact aquarium maintenance, the Bubble Magus QQ2 Internal Protein Skimmer stands out as a robust, reliable, and efficient option. Try it out today to experience a significant improvement in your aquarium's overall health and vibrancy.

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