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Bunny Nature Shuttle for Dwarf Rabbits 600g

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Bunny Nature Shuttle for Dwarf Rabbits

Bunny Nature Shuttle helps the animals to return to a naturally-healthy and species-appropriate nutrition. Complete food for Dwarf Rabbits from the age of 6 months. This food helps your bunny switch from unhealthy muesli diets to healthy pellet diets. Enter Into the world of healthy feeding. After having finished this package change to RabbitDream Vitality. Size: 600g

Unknowingly many rabbits are hardly fed species-appropriate food. Often most rabbit diets available are far too sugary. Bunny Nature Shuttle helps your rabbits return to a naturally-healthy and species-appropriate nutrition.

On the way to happiness…

Unfortunately the dishes of animals, that are not fed much species-appropriate food, are mainly being filled with "Fast food", too many calories and too much sugar content. This food hardly contains any components that correspond to the animals‘ nutritional needs. In plain language this means: The food was not nutritionally appropriate.

On the contrary, it is not always easy for rabbits to switch immediately from calorie-rich food to a species-appropriate diet. They have gotten used to the sugar and need to be weaned off of it.

Nature Shuttle helps rabbits through this small intermediate feeding step.

It is very easy: Feed Nature Shuttle (600 g) and then switch to a Dream product. Because of the adapted composition of Nature Shuttle, this intermediate step makes the switch to optimum nutrition easier for animals.


Growth of permanent meadows (timothy, meadow fescue, meadow foxtail, german ryegrass, red fescue, blue grass, cocksfoot, velvet grass, annual panicle grass, white ragweed, vernal grass, couch grass, tussock grass, reed canary grass, white clover, red clover, dandelion leaves, yarrow herb, ribwort, caraway, cow parsley, meadow sweet, common hornwort, bedstraw, thyme-leaved speedwell, bush vetch, comfrey, bedstraw-meadow thistle, ground ivy, daisies, germander speedwell, lady's mantle, greater burnet-saxifrage, narrow-leaved vetch, meadow saxifrage, spring cinquefoil, green field-speedwell, common whitlow-grass, autumn dandelion, red ragweed, cowslip, small clover), barley, wheat bran, oat peel bran, sunflower seed extracted, carrot pomace, linseed extracted, carrots, parsnips, lignocellulose, chicory root, peppermint leaves, currant leaves, marigold blossoms, calcium carbonate, brewer's grain, carob, brewer's yeast, camomile blossoms, inulin

Nutritional Additives per kg:

Vitamin A 10.000 IE ∙ Vitamin D3 700 IE ∙ Vitamin E / all rac-alpha-tocopherylacetate 60 mg ∙ copper as copper (II)-sulphate, pentahydrate 6 mg ∙ iodine as calcium iodate, hexahydrate 0,9 mg ∙ iron as iron (II)-sulphate, monohydrat 50 mg ∙ zinc as zinc oxide 60 mg ∙ manganese as manganese (II)-oxide 40 mg ∙ selenite as sodium selenite 0,18 mg

Analytical constituents:

crude protein 12,7 % · crude oils and crude fats 2,1 % · crude fibre 18 % · crude ash 8,5 % · calcium 0,6 % · phosphorous 0,4 % · sodium 0,18 %

Feeding guide:

Fill the feeding bowl with bunny Nature Shuttle and wait until all the food has been eaten, before refilling it again. Provide high quality feeding hay and fresh, lukewarm water daily. After having finished this package change to RabbitDream Vitality or any of RabbitDream Special Edition flavours.

Trimello® – Healthy Nutrition For Rabbits

  • Most gentle processing of all sensitive plants.
  • Combines all nutrients, vitamins and trace elements.
  • Prevents selective feed intake - all necessary nutrients, vitamins and trace elements are always(!) absorbed.
  • Stress-free and carefree feeding for the owner - the rabbits are optimally fed.
  • Best care of the animals, they live healthier, become less sensitive, they are healthy until old age.
  • Rough fibre structure ensures healthy teeth, healthy digestion. No fast food - only healthy and species-appropriate ingredients for a contented rabbit life.
  • Very good acceptance due to the variety of plants and healthy ingredients.
  • Balanced recipes, so that a dosage of the daily portions is not necessary. It can be fed freely in combination with hay. The rabbit decides - as in nature itself - what it needs and how much. This is important for a healthy rabbit life.
  • Trimellos balance the vitamin imbalances if a lot of hay is fed Trimellos feature optimal particle size and fiber structure, promoting dental health and efficient digestion.
  • Long chewing time to wear down teeth and keep them healthy.
  • Due to the long chewing time, the food is salivated and predigested to suit the stomach. This eliminates stomach overload and ensures healthy digestion overall.
  • Can be fed ad lib - i.e. at the rabbits own disposal. No dosage necessary. The rabbits only consume the amount that is needed. 

Size: 600g

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