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CHIHIROS WRGB II Slim Series LED Lighting System

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Model: SLIM 30
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Chihiros WRGB II Slim Series: Advanced LED Lighting for Aquatic Beauty

Elevate your aquarium experience with the Chihiros WRGB II Slim Series LED Lighting System. Engineered for aquatic plant enthusiasts, this cutting-edge series showcases an ultra-slim profile, measuring a mere 15 mm in thickness. Its discreet design seamlessly integrates into any aquarium setup, ensuring the focus remains on your aquatic landscape.

Dynamic Color Illumination

The WRGB II Slim harnesses the power of RGB LED technology to bring out the vibrant colors of your aquatic plants and fish. Its optimized design covers the entire color spectrum, creating a dazzling display that enhances the natural beauty of your aquarium.

Efficient and Powerful Lighting

Despite its slender form, this LED system doesn’t compromise on performance. It boasts a wide range of illumination, effectively covering aquariums from 30 to 140 cm in length, while maintaining a low energy footprint. The intelligent distribution of light ensures every corner of your tank is brilliantly lit.

Smart Control with My Chihiros App

Revolutionize how you manage your aquarium lighting with the “My Chihiros App”. This intuitive application allows for individual control of the red, green, and blue color channels. Customize daily lighting phases, including realistic sunrise and sunset effects, to create a natural environment for your aquatic life. The app also features a variety of presets tailored for different plant types, all adjustable to suit your specific needs.

Convenience and Flexibility

Forget the hassle of external timers and additional controllers. The WRGB II Slim is self-sufficient, with all settings programmable directly through the app. This feature offers unparalleled convenience and flexibility in managing your aquarium’s lighting.

Technical Specifications

Case Color: Sleek Black
LED Count: 20 to 80
Power Consumption: 20 – 90 W
Luminosity: 1,200 – 4,800 lm
Includes EU Power Adapter and Plug
Adjustable Holder for Easy Installation

Available Models and Dimensions

WRGB II Slim 30

Power: 23 W, Lumen: 1,200
Dimensions: 284x128x15 mm, Stand Height: 100 mm
Suitable for Tanks: 300 – 450 mm

WRGB II Slim 45

Power: 35 W, Lumen: 1,800
Dimensions: 434x128x15 mm, Stand Height: 100 mm
Suitable for Tanks: 450 – 600 mm

WRGB II Slim 60

Power: 45 W, Lumen: 2,400
Dimensions: 584x248x15 mm, Stand Height: 100 mm
Suitable for Tanks: 600 – 800 mm

WRGB II Slim 90

Power: 69 W, Lumen: 3,600
Dimensions: 884x128x15 mm, Stand Height: 100 mm
Suitable for Tanks: 900 – 1,100 mm

WRGB II Slim 120

Power: 90 W, Lumen: 4,800
Dimensions: 1,184x128x15 mm, Stand Height: 100 mm
Suitable for Tanks: 1,200 – 1,400 mm

Transform your aquarium into a vivid underwater oasis with the Chihiros WRGB II Slim Series – a perfect blend of style, efficiency, and technological innovation.

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