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Daro Aquarium & Pond Salt

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Daro Aquarium & Pond Salt – Promoting Fish Health and Vitality

Elevate the well-being of your aquatic pets with Daro Aquarium & Pond Salt, a versatile and beneficial addition to both freshwater aquariums and outdoor ponds. This specially formulated salt is designed to promote fish health, aid in disease recovery, and enhance water quality.

Key Features:

Improves Gill Function: The salt helps to promote healthy gill function in fish, enabling them to breathe more easily and efficiently.
Aids in Disease Recovery: When used as a bath, Daro Aquarium & Pond Salt can help fish recover from various diseases by reducing stress and eliminating harmful parasites.
Enhances Water Quality: The salt assists in maintaining a balanced electrolyte level in the water, contributing to a healthier aquatic environment.
Safe for Plants: This aquarium and pond salt is safe for use in planted tanks, ensuring your aquatic plants remain unharmed while your fish reap the benefits.
Versatile Use: Suitable for both freshwater aquariums and outdoor ponds, this salt offers flexibility and effectiveness for a variety of settings.


Promotes Fish Health: Regular use of Daro Aquarium & Pond Salt supports overall fish health, vitality, and coloration, ensuring your aquatic pets thrive.
Easy to Use: The salt is simple to administer, with clear dosage instructions provided to cater to different sizes of aquariums and ponds.
Cost-Efficient: Offering a range of health benefits in one product, this salt provides a cost-effective solution for maintaining a healthy aquatic habitat.
Enhances Fish Immunity: By promoting optimal gill function and providing essential electrolytes, the salt helps to boost the immune system of your fish, making them more resilient to disease.

General Dosage:

For Aquariums: 1tsp per 20L of Water*
Ponds: 1-3kg per 1000L of Pond Water*
*this is a general guidance, always do your research on plant and fish species prior dosing!

Ensure the health and happiness of your aquatic pets with Daro Aquarium & Pond Salt. Its comprehensive benefits and easy application make it a must-have for any aquarist or pond keeper. Add this essential product to your maintenance routine and watch as your aquatic environment flourishes!

Customer Reviews

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Helped me treat drift wood and also helped curing ich(white spot disease)

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