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Nature Boys Casuarina Cones

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Nature Boys Casuarina Cones

For any aquarium enthusiast seeking to emulate the natural environments of freshwater shrimp, Nature Boys Casuarina Cones are a quintessential addition. These cones don't just enhance the aesthetic appeal; they bring a host of benefits to a thriving aquascape, similar to the revered Alder Cones.

Why Choose Nature Boys Casuarina Cones for Your Aquarium?

1. Rich Source of Tannins: Nature Boys Casuarina Cones are well-known for their ability to release tannins into the aquarium water. These organic compounds offer a tea-colored tint, mirroring natural freshwater habitats.

2. Antibacterial & Fungicidal Effects: Beyond coloring, the tannins from Nature Boys Casuarina Cones have mild antibacterial and fungicidal effects, fostering a safer environment for your shrimp and minimizing the risk of diseases.

3. Molting Benefits for Shrimp: Nature Boys Casuarina Cones play an instrumental role during the shrimp molting process, ensuring it's seamless and stress-free.

4. Abundance of Humic Acids: Another compelling reason to choose Nature Boys Casuarina Cones is their rich content of humic acids. These contribute significantly to the holistic well-being of the aquatic environment.

5. A Natural pH Regulator: For enthusiasts looking to maintain an acidic ambiance favored by many freshwater shrimp species, Nature Boys Casuarina Cones are a natural remedy, assisting in gently lowering the water's pH.

6. Biofilm Development: Over a period, a biofilm accumulates on the Nature Boys Casuarina Cones. This organic layer is a gourmet treat for shrimp, laden with microorganisms like bacteria and algae.

How to Use Nature Boys Casuarina Cones:

1. Preparation: Before adding the cones to your aquarium, proper preparation is pivotal. Begin by dousing the Nature Boys Casuarina Cones with boiling water, ensuring contaminants are neutralized and aiding the cones to become waterlogged.

2. Rinsing: Post-soaking, rinse the Nature Boys Casuarina Cones to eliminate any lingering debris.

3. Introduction to the Tank: For optimal outcomes, it's recommended to add 1-2 Nature Boys Casuarina Cones for every 5 liters of aquarium water. Start with a few, monitor the conditions, and then progressively introduce more.


In essence, Nature Boys Casuarina Cones aren't just decorative pieces for your aquarium. Their multifaceted benefits, from assisting in shrimp molting to regulating pH, make them a staple for every aquarium owner. Both novice and seasoned aquarists can bank on these cones to elevate the health and vitality of their shrimp and other aquatic inmates.

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