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Nature Boys Cinnamon Bark 50g

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NatureBoys Cinnamon Bark increases the vitality and well-being of your residents in the aquarium in a purely natural way. Valuable tannins, various essential oils and humic substances contribute to good water quality and protect and care for your shrimp, crayfish and other aquarium inhabitants. The Cinnamon Bark are not only used by shrimps, crabs, crabs, snails and fish (e.g. suckling catfish) as a shelter, hiding place and spawning place, but are also valued as a valuable source of fiber. The Cinnamon Bark get a great reddish color in the aquarium and are a special eye-catcher in your aquarium


  • NatureBoys Cinnamon Bark is a natural water treatment for tropical water quality in the aquarium
  • NatureBoys Cinnamon Bark increase the vitality and well-being of shrimp & Co. on a natural basis
  • NatureBoys Cinnamon Bark protects and nourishes with valuable tannins, essential oils and humic substances
  • Shrimps and snails appreciate the NatureBoys Cinnamon Bark as hiding places and sources of fiber
  • NatureBoys Cinnamon Bark have a fascinating, reddish color in the aquarium

Add 1 cinnamon stick to approx. 20 – 100 l of water directly into the aquarium or soak briefly beforehand (approx. 1 hour).
The NatureBoys Cinnamon Bark sink after a short time and swell slightly under water.
After 3 – 4 weeks the cinnamon loses its reddish color and has released the active ingredients.
You can replace the cinnamon sticks now or leave them in the aquarium as an attractive decoration.

Important note
The cinnamon sticks are not intended for human consumption.
Keep out of reach of children.