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Nature Boys Indian Almond Leaves

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Size: 14-17cm
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Nature Boys Indian Almond Leaves

Aquatics enthusiasts have seen a myriad of trends over the years, but some traditions, like using Nature Boys Indian Almond Leaves, continue to be trusted. Derived from the Terminalia catappa tree, these leaves offer unique benefits, particularly for betta and shrimp hobbyists.

Origin and Harvesting

The Terminalia catappa tree, found mainly on the Indian subcontinent, is the source of the prized Indian Almond Leaves. Nature Boys Indian Almond Leaves are harvested directly from this tree, ensuring authenticity with every leaf. After meticulous cleaning, the leaves are sun-dried, preserving their natural qualities for your aquatic companions.

Benefits and Uses

1. Natural Medicine and Water Conditioner: Nature Boys Indian Almond Leaves act as a potent natural remedy in the aquatic world. They address various ailments, from fungal issues to bacterial conditions like finrot. Furthermore, they emulate the serene conditions of a fish's native habitat, significantly reducing their stress levels.

2. Water Tint and pH Level Regulation: Introducing Nature Boys Indian Almond Leaves to your aquarium sets in motion a natural decomposition process. As they break down, they infuse the water with tannins, giving it a soothing yellowish-brown hue reminiscent of natural riverbeds. These tannins also help maintain a balanced pH, essential for a thriving aquatic life.

3. Antifungal and Antibacterial Properties: The tannins from Nature Boys Indian Almond Leaves serve a dual purpose. Apart from tinting the water, they are rich in antifungal and antibacterial properties. Whether you're nurturing vulnerable fry or treating fish diseases like finrot, these leaves are indispensable.

4. Sustenance for Shrimp: Shrimp, in particular, benefit immensely from Nature Boys Indian Almond Leaves. As the leaves decay, they become a steady food source for shrimp, offering them a wholesome, organic meal.


Utilizing Nature Boys Indian Almond Leaves in your aquarium is effortless. For every 50-100 liters, a single leaf of about 18 cm suffices. Place it in the tank, and its intrinsic properties will come to the fore, enhancing the environment for weeks.


Incorporating Nature Boys Indian Almond Leaves in your aquatic setup is akin to merging tradition with quality. With these leaves, your aquarium transforms from a mere water container to a flourishing, balanced habitat, reflecting nature in its purest form.

Customer Reviews

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Andrew L.
Always great to have

These are always great to have for your shrimp/betta tanks! The small size are great for 1ft tanks if you have a bigger tank I’d say go for a bigger size leaf.

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