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Neptune Automatic Top-Off Kit (V2)

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Neptune Automatic Top-Off Kit (V2)

A Complete, Simple, & Standalone ATO!

  • Plug & Play Operation
  • Includes Powerful 24V DC PMUP  
  • Two Optical Sensors with No Moving Parts
  • IQ-Fill Water Run-Time Intelligence
  • Mechanical Float Valve
  • Audible Alarms
  • No Apex Necessary
  • Advanced Featured Unlocked When Paired With Apex Controllers

No aquarium task is more tedious than adding freshwater to replace the water that evaporates out of our aquariums each day. Because of this, it's no surprise that an auto top off system (ATO) is usually the first piece of automation equipment purchased by new hobbyists. Having an ATO is particularly useful when you're away on vacation and don't have someone to watch over your aquarium or simply want to go a few days without having to think about your tank.

The ATK Auto Top Off Kit from Neptune Systems is simple to install, works with or without an Apex Controller, and has multiple back-up safety measures to prevent overfilling.

Three Levels of Safety

Backup Optical Sensor: If the primary water level sensor fails, a backup optical sensor will stop the ATO pump and an alarm will sound.
IQ-Fill (stand-alone mode only): The ATK will not add more than double the learned water amount. If the system is running for too long, it will stop the ATO pump and an alarm will sound.
Physical Float Valve: In the rare event that the electronic failsafes do not work, a mechanical float valve will stop water from flowing into your aquarium.

PMUP v2 ATO Pump

The PMUP is a small utility pump that is perfect for moving water from your RODI reservoir to the aquarium or sump. This pump has a vertical design that easily drops into most water jugs or ATO reservoirs and can pump water over 14 feet vertically, allowing for efficient water delivery from remote or lower-floor reservoirs.

The bottom of the pump features a removable screen for easy access to the pump's impeller. This design keeps potential debris out of the pump while also allowing easy access for cleaning. 

Extra Value for Apex Owners

If you already have an Apex, setting up the ATK is still super-simple. Just plug in all the components, attach it to your Apex via the AquaBus cable, and run the set-up task in Apex Fusion. With the ATK connected to an Apex, you get the added benefit of having email and push notifications if something goes wrong and you can integrate the ATK into other functions.

The FMM module included with the ATK has four ports for sensors and probes. The two optical sensors included with the ATK only use port-1 and port-2, which means there are two free ports that can be used for additional accessories like leak detectors, flow sensors, and additional optical sensors.

What's Included?

FMM Fluid Monitoring Module
(2x) Optical Water Level Sensors
Float Valve
90° Tube Fitting
4 Meters Orange RO Tubing
3/8" to 1/4" Push Connect Adapter Fitting
1/4" Push Connect Siphon Break
Set Screw for Non-Float Valve Applications
24V 36W Power Supply