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ORCA Phospha-Guard Bio-Cubes

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Size: 250ml
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ORCA Phospha-Guard Bio-Cubes

The state-of-the-art ORCA Phospha-Guard Bio-Cubes lead the aquatics market as a pioneer in phosphate removal solutions. With the distinction of being the world's primary solid carbohydrate-based phosphate remover, ORCA Phospha-Guard Bio-Cubes offer a revolutionary method to clean both marine and freshwater aquarium environments. 

Phosphate Removal: Why is it Essential?

Phosphates can severely affect the balance of aquatic environments. An excess can lead to complications such as algae blooms, hindering the growth of corals and other marine life. This is where ORCA Phospha-Guard Bio-Cubes come to the rescue, ensuring your water remains clear and healthy.

Natural & Effective Solution

Unlike products that rely on heavy metals, ORCA Phospha-Guard Bio-Cubes utilize the Redfield’s Ratio, a scientifically-proven natural method, ensuring that your aquarium isn't subjected to harmful substances while maintaining pristine water quality.

Simplicity Meets Efficiency

ORCA Phospha-Guard Bio-Cubes are designed for convenience and efficiency. Without the need for daily dosings or additional equipment, these Bio-Cubes require minimal intervention once placed in the aquarium.

Key Advantages

1. Natural Biological Phosphate Removal: A natural solution that ensures an aquatic environment free from harmful substances.
2. No Heavy Metals: ORCA Phospha-Guard Bio-Cubes provide a safe alternative to methods that use heavy metals.
3. Versatility: Suitable for both freshwater and saltwater aquariums.
4. PH & Alkalinity Stability: With ORCA Phospha-Guard Bio-Cubes, there are no drastic fluctuations in pH or Alkalinity.
5. Reduced Water Changes: Effective phosphate removal means fewer water changes.
6. Prevent System Crashes: The “point of source” treatment of ORCA Phospha-Guard Bio-Cubes ensures system resilience.

A Safer Alternative

The non-toxic biomass produced by ORCA Phospha-Guard Bio-Cubes ensures safety for corals and other filter feeders. This biomass, generated by heterotrophic bacteria in the Bio-Cubes, also serves as a nutritious source for these organisms.

In Conclusion

ORCA Phospha-Guard Bio-Cubes stand out as a top-tier choice for aquarium enthusiasts. Their innovative approach, combined with numerous benefits, makes them an essential asset for maintaining a healthy aquatic environment. With ORCA Phospha-Guard Bio-Cubes, you're investing in clarity, health, and balance for your aquatic pets.

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