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ORCA Res-Q-Med (Reef-Safe)

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ORCA Res-Q-Med (Reef-Safe)

In the vast world of marine aquarium care, ensuring the health and vibrancy of marine life is paramount. The ORCA Res-Q-Med (Reef-Safe) stands as a testament to this commitment, offering aquarium enthusiasts a formidable weapon against Whitespot and other marine parasites that threaten their precious underwater ecosystems.

The ORCA Res-Q-Med (Reef-Safe) is a pioneering solution that specifically targets Whitespot infestations. Whitespot, a disease caused by protozoan parasites, manifests as white dots on fish. This condition can be fatal if not treated timely. ORCA Res-Q-Med (Reef-Safe) is crafted to effectively eliminate any parasite that enters the larval stage. Its unique formulation ensures the halt of new egg hatchings, ensuring a thorough eradication of the problem.

Key Features:

1. Reef Safety: ORCA Res-Q-Med (Reef-Safe) ensures that while tackling parasites, the surrounding environment is kept untouched and safe. It's vital for reef hobbyists who have dedicated time and resources to their reef setups.

2. Friendly to Beneficial Bacteria: A concern while using treatments in aquariums is their impact on beneficial bacteria. ORCA Res-Q-Med (Reef-Safe) guarantees no negative impact, maintaining a balanced and healthy water ecosystem.

3. Stain-Free: An essential feature of aquatic treatments is their potential to stain. Thankfully, ORCA Res-Q-Med (Reef-Safe) ensures your tank remains aesthetically pleasing, with no unsightly residues.

4. Economical Solution: ORCA Res-Q-Med (Reef-Safe) offers excellent value for money, making it a staple in any aquarium enthusiast's toolkit.

Usage Instructions:

Before introducing ORCA Res-Q-Med (Reef-Safe) to your tank, certain precautions are essential:

  • Discontinue Certain Equipment: Halt the use of ozone generators, UV sterilizers, and similar equipment. They might interfere with the treatment's effectiveness.
  • Removal of Carbon: Carbon, often used in filtration, should be removed, as its presence can reduce the treatment's potency.
  • Protein Skimming: With ORCA Res-Q-Med (Reef-Safe), you can continue protein skimming throughout the treatment duration.

Available Sizes:

ORCA Res-Q-Med (Reef-Safe) caters to different needs with its varied sizes:

- 50ml: Suitable for up to 2000L of water, providing protection for 12-14 days.
- 100ml: A suitable choice for larger setups.
- 200ml: Ideal for extensive aquariums.


ORCA Res-Q-Med (Reef-Safe) is the answer to marine life health threats like Whitespot. Its specialized formula and dedication to aquatic environment preservation make it an invaluable asset for every aquarium enthusiast.