SOBO Eco Amphibious 24v DC Pumps - Jungle Aquatics
SOBO Eco Amphibious 24v DC Pumps - Jungle Aquatics
SOBO Eco Amphibious 24v DC Pumps - Jungle Aquatics
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SOBO Eco Amphibious 24v DC Water Pumps

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SOBO DC Eco Amphibious 24V DC Water Pump

- Includes control panel.
- Low wattage, high output.
- Energy Saving up to 65%.
- Pure Copper Motor.
- Ceramic shaft core and sleeve for durability.
- Pump Damage Protection system (Waterless Protection).
- The real sine wave frequency conversion control technology uses the most advanced 6T sensor.
- Long life, low noise, high efficiency.
- DC 24V safe operation.
- Powerful but Energy Saving Pump with 10 stage power selector.
- Feeding mode: 15min/60min auto-resume.
- Completely submersible motor.
- Extremely quiet operation.
- Suitable for fresh and seawater applications

Please note when choosing a pump model:
- The flow rate and head height are not an indication of a pump's max flow at max height.
- At the max height, pumps produce 0 l/h flow.
- Pipe thickness' also play a vital role in producing head height, the thicker the pipe, the stronger the pump must be to produce good lift.
- Always double to be sure.
- The pump is recommended for internal use only and not for external (outside water) operations.


SF-2000 DC : 18W. H.Max 3.0m. F.Max 2000L/H

SF-4000 DC : 30W. H.Max 4.5m. F.Max 4000L/H

SF-6000 DC : 50W. H.Max 5.5m. F.Max 6000L/H

SF-8000 DC : 65W. H.Max 5.5m. F.Max 8000L/H

SF-10000 DC : 75W. H.Max 6.0m. F.Max 10000L/H

SF-12000 DC: 85W. H.Max 6.5m. F.Max 12000L/H


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