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Voonline Natural Aquarium Sands 1kg

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Type: VL051
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Voonline Natural Aquarium Sands 1kg

Immerse your aquatic life in a natural environment with Voonline Natural Aquarium Sands. Specially selected and packaged in a convenient 1kg bag, our sand offers a safe and neutral foundation for your aquarium's setup.

Our Natural Aquarium Sand is made from high-quality, all-natural materials, ensuring it's safe for all fish species. It replicates the soft, smooth terrain found in their natural habitats, making your aquarium feel like home to its inhabitants.

One of the unique benefits of our sand is that it's neutral, which means it won't alter the pH of your aquarium water. This is vital for maintaining a stable, healthy environment for your aquatic life.

Pre-washed and free from dust and impurities, Voonline Natural Aquarium Sands require no rinsing, making setup quick and easy. Just add it directly to your aquarium and start decorating.

The sand has a grain size of 0.2-0.5mm, providing a pleasant aesthetic while also offering an ideal substrate for plants and a comfortable surface for bottom-dwelling species.

Choose Voonline Natural Aquarium Sands for a visually appealing, low-maintenance, and safe environment for your aquatic friends. Create an underwater paradise they will love, naturally.

Pack Sizes: 1kg

Grain Size:
0.2-0.5mm on VL051, VL052, VL054
VL120 are 1-5cm mixed stones

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