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Yee Crash Aquatic Seeds

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Yee Crash Aquatic Seeds

  • Easy to Grow
  • No CO2 Needed
  • Requires Good Lighting 
  • Excellent as Carpet Plant
  • Covers a Planting Area of 40x40cm

Planting Guide

Attention: Plant the seeds without water for a better germination rate. 

No water planting (Recommend method)

The plant doesn’t need CO2. However, it’s recommended to have good lighting since it may affect the plants.

Add substrate into your fish tank.
Distribute seed on the substrate. Pay attention to not let the seed fall below the substrate (large pebble substrate) and try to keep the deed surface wet. 2-7 days is enough to sprout.
Add water when seeds sprout. Pay attention to not stirring the substrate and disturbing the seed. (add water slowly)
The temperature should not be too low, 68°F-85°F is optimal.
Normally 5-7 days sprout, depending on your water temperature.

Planting in the water tank

Need to keep the temperature above 30°C and filtration equipment.

If the seed float, put it in a separate container with water until it sinks.
Turn off any filter that causes water movement.
Add the seeds to your tank. Don’t add too many seeds in one spot. Space them out. Otherwise, they’ll compete which each other and stun growth.
Add a very thin layer of substrate on top of the seed
Turn the water back on, after planting.

Normally, it takes 15 days to sprout, and 30 days to landscape finished.


The temperature should always be above 20C for optimal growth
Don’t scatter too closely while casting seeds, leave out appropriate gaps for free breathing.

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