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Zetlight X9 Marine LED Light 96W Advanced

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Zetlight X9 Marine LED Light 96W Advanced

X9 Core Advantage:

  • 395nm Ultra Violet (UV) Color inducing
  • RGB Tri-phosphor Balance of Color
  • 100% Full Power Blue Light Output
  • 4 Adjustable Color Channels
  • Bluetooth & WiFi Dual Connecting Option
  • 6-Level Smart Cooling Fan
  • Die-casting Aluminum 360° All-around Heat Sink
  • 95% Quartz Spherical Lens
  • 14 Types of Presetting
  • Integrated Shade Design
  • In-app Filters
  • All-around Heat Sink

Distribution and Wavelength

  • UV 395m X 12
  • Violet 430m X 9
  • Royal 445m X 28
  • Blue 455m X 4
  • Cyan 485nm X 21
  • Green 530m X 8
  • Red 630m X 6

PAR and Cultivating Area

Suitable area for SPS: 400X400X300mm
Suitable area for LPS: 800X800X400mm

4 Main Color Channels for Keeping a Colorful Reef Aquarium

Zooxanthellae contained in the coral are mainly composed of chlorophyll A, and auxiliary pigments chlorophyll c2, PerCP, etc. They photosynthesize by absorbing the spectrum corresponding to the effective wavelength, converting amino acids into proteins and tissues, accelerating the metabolic process, and the skeleton will also grow rapidly.

Channel for coloration (Channel B accounts for 14% of the total)

Chlorophyll A is the photosynthetic pigment of Zooxanthellae, its most effective absorption rate are violet wavelength (380m-430mm) and red light, which is conducive to the formation of pigment cells to produce fluorescent proteins.

However, in the light of violet and blue, given the same PAR output, the violet light's absorption rate is 10 times that of blue light. Channel B in the ZETLIGHT X9 uses 390m and 430mm which offers more absorption rate over Violet and hence faster photosynthesis for Chlorophyll A.

Growth Channel (Channel C accounts for 30% of the total)

The light absorbed by Chlorophyll C2 will be converted into Chlorophyll A. Chlorophyll A is the main pigment of algae and Zooxanthellae, the source of photosynthesis and energy. At the highest effective absorption rate of 445m-455m range, X9 uses 30% of the total light output to encourage growth.

Auxiliary Growth Channel (Channel D accounts for 30% of the total)

The light absorbed by PerCP is also used as an auxiliary color and will also be converted into chlorophyll A, which mainly absorbs in the spectrum of

380-485m. Since most of the absorption bands provided overlap with channels B and C, Channel D supplements the wavelength of 485m to create conditions for the photosynthesis of PerCP.

Spectral Compensation and Visual Enhancement Channel (Channel Al accounts for 26% of the total)

The sufficient 380-500m spectrum can provide sufficient growth spectrum, but it will affect the visual effect. Channel A uses the principle of RGB emitting white light to avoid the excess spectrum of white light affecting growth and diluting coloration. The three primary colors RGB can better balance and enhance brightness, color rendering, and better color saturation.


Model: X9-96
Dimensions (without bracket): 14.1 X 14.2 X 3.4 (H) cm
Power: 96W
Input Voltage: AC 100-240V 50/60Hz
Output Voltage: DC 24V  2.75A
Gross Weight: 2.5kg
Aquarium Size: 80 X 80 X 70 cm
Glass Thickness: 30mm
Control: Bluetooth & WiFi
Cable Length: Total length 6 meter
Material: Aluminum Alloy

What's in the Box:

1x X9 Adcanced LED 96W Only (no mounting options included)
1x Power Supply
1x Instruction Manual

NOTE: The Bracket Arm and Hanging Kit are sold separately! NOT INCLUDED

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