Aquazoi Alg Clean Pond Algae Remover - Jungle Aquatics
Aquazoi Alg Clean Pond Algae Remover - Jungle Aquatics
Aquazoi Alg Clean Pond Algae Remover - Jungle Aquatics
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Aquazoi Alg Clean Pond Algae Remover

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Aquazoi Alg Clean Pond Algae Remover
• Algclean is an industrial-strength algae treatment, suitable for ponds, water
features, dams and wetlands.
• Algclean is formulated for South African conditions
• Algclean kills algae, dead!
• Algclean is safe for humans, pets, wildlife and plants
• Algclean is 100% environmentally friendly
• Algclean will flocculate water
• Algclean will soften water, making it easier to filtrate
• Use in all bodies of water where algae has become prevalent and uncontrollable
• Treatment of koi ponds, water features, breading ponds
• Algclean must be diluted with pond water as per specification
• After dilution, Algclean is more effective if distributed evenly over the surface
• Algclean can be sprayed on the algae as a first step
• If the organic load is high, multiple dosages may be needed
• 1 litre of ALGLEAN can treat 50 000 litres of water
• 20ml per 1000 litres of water
• It is important to calculate, the amount of water to be treated, as accurately as
• Length(in meters) x Breadth(in meters) x Average Dept(in meters) x 1000
• DO NOT OVERDOSE – although Algclean is environmentally friendly, overdose
can be harmful to aquatic life
• If any other has been used with the 7 to 14 days DO NOT DOSE with Algclean before consulting with your distributor.

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