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API Super Activated Carbon

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API Super Activated Carbon

API® SUPER ACTIVATED CARBON makes your aquarium crystal clear with its premium-grade, high porosity carbon for maximum absorption and minimal aquarium maintenance, removing dissolved organics, colors, toxins, and fish remedies. This product will not raise phosphate levels in your tank, and will not affect pH. It comes in a convenient, easy-to-use pouch and is compatible with freshwater and saltwater aquariums.

Rinse pouch under tap water to remove any dust. Pouch does not need to rinse clear. Place pouch in path of water flow in the aquarium filter. Replace every month or sooner if aquarium is heavily stocker and/or colors and odors are detected.


API SUPER ACTIVATED CARBON removes dissolved particles, as well as odors, colors, toxins, fish remedies, and other dissolved organics that carbon filters may leave behind, which can adversely affect aquarium conditions. Made with a higher grade of carbon, API SUPER ACTIVATED CARBON absorbs more than regular carbon and does not affect pH.

Is API SUPER ACTIVATED CARBON safe for all types of aquariums?
Yes, API SUPER ACTIVATED CARBON is safe for all aquarium types, even sensitive reef systems.

Should I remove my filtration media before dosing with API SUPER ACTIVATED CARBON?
Products that are designed to remove things from your aquarium, such as filter media, will also remove dosed fish remedy from your tank. For best results from fish remedy, remove your filtration media as you dose.

What should API ACTIVATED FILTER CARBON be placed in to use properly in a filter (i.e. are there empty filter bags that would be appropriate for this product?)
API ACTIVATED FILTER CARBON should be placed in the filter inside the filter cartridge, or in a filter media bag. Be sure to follow your filter manufacturer’s instructions.

Size: 1 Pouch for up to 210L

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