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Aquaforest AF Lava Soil 5L

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Aquaforest AF Lava Soil

AF Lava Soil is a natural volcanic lava-based soil that has been enriched with essential minerals for freshwater plants. Due to its high porosity, this mineral-rich substrate has the added benefit of supporting the multiplication of beneficial bacteria and microorganisms. The soil's unique structure allows for easy rooting of aquatic plants, promotes better water circulation to improve distribution and absorption of nutrients, and prevents the formation of dangerous anaerobic bacteria zones. 

  • Natural soil based on volcanic lava
  • Enriched with essential minerals for plants
  • High porosity supports the aquarium's biological filter
  • Substrate structure promotes plant rooting, water circulation, distribution/absorption of nutrients, and prevents the formation of anaerobic zones
  • Pre-rinsed 


  • Place approximately 7 cm layer of AF Lava Soil in the bottom of the tank
  • Fill with water to the level of approx. 10 cm
  • Plant the plants
  • Complete filling the aquarium with water 

Additional Notes:

The substrate is thoroughly rinsed; However, right after filling the aquarium with water, a slight water haziness may occur. The haziness is natural, does not cause any side effects, and disappears after about 12 hours. Due to the high content of minerals, to avoid their accumulation, it is recommended to limit the dosage of micronutrient fertilizers for the first half of the year of the tank's set up.

Size: 5L