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SOBO Siamese Fighter Betta USB Mini Aquarium Heater 10W

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SOBO Siamese Fighter Betta USB Mini Aquarium Heater 10W

A mini aquarium heater specifically for Siamese Fighter (Betta Splendens).

  • SMALL FISH TANK HEATER 10W: Specially designed for small fish tanks less than 5L, does not occupy the space of the fish tank, USB power supply, rated voltage DC 5V/2A. (A non-5V 2A adapter may cause the heater not to heat up, the numbers to flash, or to restart repeatedly.)

  • INTELLIGENT AND PRECISE CONSTANT TEMPERATURE: Upgrade the chip, the accuracy is ±1°C, save more electricity bills. After setting the target temperature, the power is suddenly turned off, and the target temperature remains unchanged after turning on the power again.

  • OVERHEATING PROTECTION: Built-in thermometer, temperature range 15-34°C. If the water temperature exceeds 34°C, the error code "HI" appears, the heater stops working, and when it returns to below 34°C, the error code disappears and it starts working again.

  • EXTERNAL CONTROLLER: External temperature controller, no need to get your hands wet, no need to buy other controllers, 1m long power cord, easy to install, easy to control.

  • WIDELY USED: Suitable for freshwater and saltwater. Meet the growth temperature for turtles, Fighting Fish, Guppy, Goldfish, Neon Tetra, Gourami, Peaceful Betta, Pterophyllum, Dwarf Gourami, Pterophyllum Scalare, Betta Smaragdina, Koi, Corydoras, Anabantoidei, Paradise Fish, Clownfish, Swordtails.
  • The temperature scale can be adjusted between 15-34'C

  • 10W for Aquariums 5-10L

Heater size: 3cm dia x 5cm length

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