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Birdies Suet Balls High Protein 21 Balls per Bucket

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Birdies Suet Balls High Protein 21 Balls per Bucket

Fuel your feathered friend's flight with our Suet Ball High Protein Bird Treat. Carefully crafted and packed with nutrient-dense ingredients, these balls offer an excellent source of energy and protein for all bird species.

Each Suet Ball contains a high-quality blend of suet and seeds, providing a mix of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. The high protein content aids in muscle development and feather health, making it an ideal choice for active and breeding birds. Suet, a high-energy, pure fat substance, is particularly beneficial during cold winter months, aiding in maintaining high energy levels and body heat.

Packaged in a bucket with 21 balls, these treats are not only plentiful but also incredibly easy to serve. Simply place them in a suet feeder, or crumble them over your bird's regular food for a nourishing supplement. Perfect for everyday use, they also serve as an excellent reward during training sessions.

Our Suet Balls are suitable for a wide range of birds, from finches to sparrows, robins to woodpeckers. Each ball is a hearty feast that will attract an array of avian visitors to your garden, providing hours of bird-watching pleasure.

Importantly, our Suet Ball treats are made without any artificial additives or preservatives, making them a safe and natural choice for your birds. Non-GMO and responsibly sourced, each ball is a testament to our commitment to bird health and happiness.

With our Suet Ball High Protein Bird Treat, make every mealtime an enriching experience for your avian companions. These treats are not just a feast, but a comprehensive, nourishing, and utterly enjoyable dietary addition for your feathered friends.

Size: 21 Suet Balls per Bucket

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