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Bunny Nature Rabbit Dream Harmony 1.5kg

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Bunny Nature Rabbit Dream Harmony

RabbitDream Harmony is specially formulated for rabbits from 6 months of age. This natural, fibre-rich food is unique because it is made from 63 different types of grasses, plants and herbs, from natural meadows. With aromatic, tasty cornflower & strawflower blossoms which are valuable secondary plant substances. Contains valuable fennel seeds for digestive support. Calcium level is carefully balanced to ensure healthy growth for teeth & bones. Contains no preservatives or sugars.

Bunny Nature offers optimally balanced food with their unique recipes, made from high-quality ingredients and with extremely controlled production to meet the nutritional needs of your rabbit. All this is done without the use of preservatives, flavour enhancers, added sugars, colourings and aromas.

At Bunny Nature, the welfare of rabbits comes first, as they strive to offer your furry pet a happy and healthy life through high-quality nutrition and carefully formulated products.

Bunny Nature RabbitDream Harmony is complete food for rabbits from the age of 6 months and offers:

  • Biological diversity: contains 63 different plants from natural meadows
  • With cornflower & strawflower blossoms: aromatic taste, valuable secondary plant substances
  • With valuable fennel seeds: beneficial effect & digestive support
  • Optimal calcium content: healthy supply for teeth & bones
  • Balanced recipe for long healthy life: 75 important ingredients that are correctly dosed
  • 3 fibre mix: 3 different fibre lengths for tooth abrasion and healthy intestinal flora
  • Optimal crude fibre to starch ratio: protects against fattening
  • Organic, non-GMO ingredients

Why Is Plant Diversity Important In Rabbit Pellets?

With 63 different plants, Bunny Nature offers the ideal food spectrum for rabbits, mirroring their natural diet. It is a mistake to assume that a single plant in the feed can provide the necessary and relevant nutrients and vitamins.

Rabbits in nature, live in a large area and have a wide spectrum of diverse plants available that are necessary to meet their needs. The unique plant composition of Bunny Nature Trimellos mirrors the natural diet of rabbits, ensuring a perfect imitation of their natural environment in every bowl. 


Growth of permanent meadows (Timothy, meadow fescue, red fescue, meadow foxtail, blue grass, cocksfoot, cow parsley, rough dandelion, meadow chickweed, common yarrow, lady's mantle, vernal grass, field clover, ribwort, meadow sage, meadow trefoil, tall fescue, meadow bellflower, caraway, meadow knapweed, common hornwort, bedstraw-meadow thistle, soft tristle, common dandelion, tussock grass, true meadowsweet, field hornwort, wood strawberry, bird´s vetch, gemander speedwell, meadow pippweed, true bedstraw, downy meadow oats, common horsetail, field horsetail, white bedstraw, white cranesbill, fat meadow daisy, field widow´s-flower, cuckoo´s-flower pink, common loosestrife, field-speedwell, tall oat grass, meadow rye, medium plantain, greater meadow-knap, narrow-leaved vetch, forget-me-nots, meadow saxifrage, lesser burnet, creeping cinquefoil, cowslip, nodding campion, lesser meadow-grass, grass stitchwort, meadow goats-beard, stinging nettle, fragrant speedwell, red clover, bush vetch, geneva goutweed, goutweed, daisies), oat peel bran, sunflower seed extracted, linseed extracted, apple pomace, carrot pomace, wheat bran, rape seed extracted, cornflowers red 2%, strawflower blossoms 1%, fennel seeds 0,5%, papaya dried, camomile blossoms

Nutritional Additives:

Vitamin A 9.700 IU • Vitamin D3 679 IU • Vitamin E 58.2 mg • copper (11)-sulfate, pentahydrate 5.82 mg • calcium iodate, waterfree 0.87 mg • zinc oxide 58.2 mg • manganese (II)-oxide 38.8 mg • sodium selenite 0.17 mg

Analytical constituents:

Crude protein 13% • crude fats 2.7% • crude fibre 20% • starch 5% • crude ash 8.5% • calcium 0.6% • phosphorous 0.4% • sodium 0.18%

Crude fibre to starch ratio:


Feeding guide:

Fill the feeding bowl with RabbitDream Harmony and wait until all the food has been eaten, before refilling it again. Compliment with fresh, lukewarm water and high quality bunny hay. This ensures optimal nutrition 24/7 without dosage, rationing or restriction.

Size: 1.5kg

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