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Cuttlefish Blister Card & Clip

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Cuttlefish Blister Card & Clip

Premium Cuttlefish Blister Card & Clip for Birds – Essential for Beak Health

Provide your feathered friends with a vital source of calcium and a great beak trimmer with our Cuttlefish Blister Card & Clip for Birds. This must-have accessory is designed to offer health benefits and enjoyment for birds of all sizes and breeds.

Key Features:

Essential Calcium Source: Cuttlefish bone is a natural and rich source of calcium, which is crucial for maintaining strong and healthy bones in birds.
Beak Maintenance: The texture of the cuttlefish bone helps in trimming the beaks of birds, preventing overgrowth and promoting proper beak health.
Easy to Install: The product comes with a convenient clip, making it easy to attach to any birdcage, ensuring that your bird has constant access to it.
Blister Card Packaging: The cuttlefish bone is securely packaged in a blister card, ensuring that it remains fresh and free from contaminants.
Suitable for All Birds: This product is designed to be suitable for birds of all sizes and breeds, making it a versatile addition to any avian habitat.


Promotes Healthy Bones: The calcium-rich nature of cuttlefish bone is essential for maintaining healthy bones in birds, helping to prevent deficiencies.
Encourages Natural Behavior: Chewing on cuttlefish bone is a natural behavior for birds, providing them with mental stimulation and helping to reduce boredom.
Easy to Access: The included clip ensures that the cuttlefish bone is always available to your bird, promoting consistent use and health benefits.
Long-Lasting: Cuttlefish bones are durable and provide a long-lasting source of enrichment and health benefits for your bird.

Ensure that your bird has access to essential nutrients and a natural beak trimmer with our Cuttlefish Blister Card & Clip. This product combines convenience with health benefits, making it an essential addition to any bird’s habitat.

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