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EHEIM Thermo Control Heater 400w

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EHEIM Thermo Control Heater 400w

Enhance the environment of your aquatic pets with the EHEIM thermocontrol-e 400 heater, a pinnacle of precision and modern design in aquarium heating. This device not only maintains the ideal temperature for your aquarium but does so with unmatched accuracy and efficiency.

Key Features of the EHEIM thermocontrol-e 400:

  • Precise Temperature Control: Effortlessly set the temperature between 20°C to 32°C. The advanced electronics ensure accuracy within ±0.5°C, maintaining a stable environment for your fish.
  • Innovative Design: The heater's special laboratory glass coating not only amplifies the heating surface but also doubles as an effective heat shield, guaranteeing uniform heat distribution.
  • Versatile Size Range: Catering to a wide array of aquarium sizes, this heater is available in 10 different sizes, suitable for tanks from 20 to 1200 liters.
  • Reliable and Safe: The thermocontrol-e 400 is fully submersible and waterproof, equipped with a Thermo Safety Control for dry-running protection, making it safe for both fresh and marine water.
  • Intuitive Indicators: A dual-color control lamp provides immediate feedback on the heating status (red for heating, green for desired temperature reached).
  • German Engineering: Built with the quality and precision that 'Made in Germany' assures, this heater is a testament to EHEIM's commitment to reliability and innovation, backed by a 3-year warranty.
  • Eco-Friendly and Durable: The coating is crafted from eco-friendly laboratory glass, designed to resist chemical and biological elements, void of pollutants, and immune to condensation issues and impact. It stands strong even against extreme temperature changes during water changes.

The Evolution of Aquarium Heating:

The EHEIM thermocontrol-e heater represents a significant advancement from traditional heating methods. It's a step forward from the groundbreaking work of engineer Eugen Jäger, the inventor of the aquarium heater. This latest electronically controlled variant, thermocontrol-e, embodies precision, ease of use, and safety, ensuring your aquatic environment is perfectly catered to the needs of your tropical and subtropical fish.

Upgrade your aquarium with the EHEIM thermocontrol-e 400, where modern technology meets a legacy of innovation, providing your aquatic life with the perfect, stable habitat they deserve.

Customer Reviews

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Ashiqa A.

Very powerful and good efficiency. I'll recommend, it's worth the money for a big tank.

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