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Frontline Plus Cat

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Frontline Plus Cat

Frontline Plus offers an advanced solution for the treatment and prevention of fleas and tick infestations in cats and kittens, suitable for use from 8 weeks of age. This exceptional product also provides control over Flea Allergy Dermatitis and biting lice, contributing to the overall health and comfort of your feline friend.

Working as a comprehensive anti-parasite treatment, Frontline Plus breaks the flea life cycle at multiple stages. It not only eliminates adult fleas but also disrupts the growth of flea eggs and larvae, effectively preventing their maturation into breeding adults.

Frontline Plus leverages a potent blend of active ingredients, featuring Fipronil 100g/L and S-Methoprene 90g/L. Fipronil operates by targeting the nerve cells of fleas, which results in disorientation and hyperactivity before their ultimate demise. On the other hand, (S)-methoprene serves as an insect growth regulator, interfering with the production and hatching of flea eggs, as well as hampering larval development.

This dual-action approach ensures that no new pupae are produced, thus successfully halting the life cycle of fleas. Trust Frontline Plus for comprehensive, reliable, and lasting protection against pests for your beloved cats and kittens.


Elevate your pet's protection with our simple and effective dosing instructions for Frontline Plus. One pipette is perfectly proportioned to provide full coverage for one cat or kitten weighing up to 8 kg.

1. Carefully remove the pipette from its protective packaging.
2. Snap off the tip of the pipette to reveal the medication.
3. Gently part your cat's fur on the nape of the neck, between the shoulder blades, revealing the skin beneath.
4. Position the open end of the pipette directly onto the exposed skin, and apply firm pressure to squeeze out the entire contents, ensuring complete dispensation onto your cat's skin.
5. For consistent protection, reapply Frontline Plus every four weeks.

For cases of severe flea infestations, a more aggressive treatment plan may be necessary. We recommend administering a second dose 2-3 weeks after the initial treatment for optimal effect.


Please note: To ensure optimal distribution and efficacy, your pet's coat should remain dry for at least 3 days before and after the application of Frontline Plus. This enables the product to disperse fully across your pet's skin. Choose Frontline Plus for superior, long-lasting protection for your precious feline.

- Do not use on kittens under 8 weeks of age.
- Do not allow recently treated pets to groom each other until application site has dried. If they have groomed each other then salivation may occur as a result.
- Dispose of used pipettes safely.

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