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Nature Boys Cassia Tubes 50g

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Nature Boys Cassia Tubes: The Natural Alternative to Common Ground Cinnamon

Many believe that the ground cinnamon they sprinkle in their dishes is purely cinnamon. However, the truth is enlightening: much of the commercial ground cinnamon is cassia or a blend of cassia and cinnamon. This revelation brings forth an impressive product: Nature Boys Cassia Tubes. These aren't just another name for cinnamon; they are a unique spice with their own distinctive features.

Origins of Cassia and Cinnamon

Both cassia and cinnamon are derived from trees in the laurel family. The process of turning this bark into the spices we use is intricate. For cinnamon, once the bark is harvested, dried, and fermented, its outer layer is removed. As it dries further, it forms into the familiar cinnamon sticks.

Nature Boys Cassia Tubes, however, are derived from the cassia tree, scientifically known as Cinnamomum aromaticum or *Cinnamomum cassia*. Its preparation is similar to cinnamon, but the flavor is distinctly more robust.

True cinnamon, or Cinnamomum zeylanicum, has diverse uses, from a culinary flavoring to an embalming agent and preservative.

Health and Nutritional Benefits of Nature Boys Cassia Tubes

- Rich in Tannins: Nature Boys Cassia Tubes are packed with tannins that possess antibacterial and antifungal properties. This makes them a valuable addition to a healthy diet.

- Protection Against Bacterial Infections: Consuming Nature Boys Cassia Tubes can help reduce the risk of bacterial infections, ensuring both flavor and safety in your meals.

Aquatic Benefits of Nature Boys Cassia Tubes

- Shrimp Nutrition: Nature Boys Cassia Tubes are also a nourishing food source for shrimp in aquarium settings.

- A Haven for Aquatic Creatures: The curled design of the cassia tubes offers a natural hideout for smaller aquatic life, ensuring they have a safe spot in their habitat.

Usage and Preparation

To extract the maximum benefits from Nature Boys Cassia Tubes:

1. Steep them in boiling water overnight.
2. Rinse the next morning.
3. Introduce the prepared cassia tubes to your aquarium. Typically, one tube per 30 liters is recommended.


Nature Boys Cassia Tubes are a versatile product that offers health benefits, rich flavors, and advantages for aquarium dwellers. Whether you're a chef, health aficionado, or an aquarist, these cassia tubes are a worthy addition. By choosing Nature Boys Cassia Tubes, you're selecting a natural, potent alternative to traditional ground cinnamon, ensuring a combination of history, flavor, and health benefits.

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