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Nature Boys Jackfruit Leaves 10pc

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Nature Boys Jackfruit Leaves (Pack of 10)

Jackfruit leaves have been an integral part of aquatic environments for centuries. Especially known for their benefits in shrimp habitats, they not only provide a natural element to the environment but also bring numerous health advantages for the inhabitants. With Nature Boys Jackfruit Leaves, you're ensuring a comprehensive solution to a thriving, healthier shrimp habitat.

Origin and Authenticity:
Jackfruit trees, predominantly found in tropical regions, have leaves that are coveted for their beneficial properties, especially in aquatic scenarios. These Nature Boys Jackfruit Leaves are sourced from pristine environments, ensuring that your aquatic pets receive only the purest and most beneficial addition to their habitat.

Key Benefits:

1. Antibacterial Properties: The antibacterial compounds in Nature Boys Jackfruit Leaves are outstanding. By introducing them into your tank, you fortify your tank's defense against harmful bacteria. These leaves actively combat Luminous bacteria and Bacteria Vibrio, common culprits of numerous shrimp diseases.

2. Tannin Release: Tannins have various benefits for aquatic life. Nature Boys Jackfruit Leaves release these tannins into the water as they decompose. These tannins not only ward off diseases but also contribute to the overall well-being of the shrimps.

3. Dietary Boost for Shrimps: Shrimps are naturally drawn to the Nature Boys Jackfruit Leaves. They either directly feed on the leaves or the bio-film that accumulates on them. This positions the leaves as a nutritional enhancer in their diet.

4. Water Acidification: Decomposing Nature Boys Jackfruit Leaves assist in lowering the pH level of the water, creating a suitable environment for many shrimp species.

Usage Instructions:

To maximize the benefits of Nature Boys Jackfruit Leaves:

- Pre-soaking: Pour boiling water over the leaves until they're waterlogged to ensure they sink and release their beneficial compounds.
- Rinsing: Rinse them before adding to the tank to remove any impurities.
- Quantity: Use one leaf for every 20 liters of tank water.
- Maintenance: As the leaves decompose or are consumed, replace or add new Nature Boys Jackfruit Leaves for continuous benefits.


Nature Boys Jackfruit Leaves are a blend of decor, health benefits, and nutrition. For hobbyists and professionals alike, understanding your tank's environment is crucial. With these leaves, you're providing an optimal environment for your shrimps. Add Nature Boys Jackfruit Leaves to your tank and watch your shrimps flourish like never before!

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