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Ocean Nutrition Reef Pulse Coral Food

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Ocean Nutrition Reef Pulse Coral Food

Reef Pulse, a high-quality coral food powder, is an innovative blend of selected zooplankton and phytoplankton catering to the unique nutritional needs of many SPS and LPS coral species, tube worms, and other omnivorous filter feeders. The wide particle size range from 5 to 400 microns makes it an ideal diet for a large variety of coral species (like Euphyllia, Acropora, Montipora, Clavularia, Goniopora, Zoanthids, Scolymia, Dendronephthya, Stylophora, Pocillopora, Seriatopora, Xenia, Anthelia, Echinopora, Alveopora, Leptastrea, Chalice,…). They will show faster growth and more intense coloration when fed regularly with Reef Pulse. Reef Pulse can be used with 2 different feeding methods: target feeding or tank feeding, according to the following feeding instructions.

Target feeding = Fill a recipient with 100ml of tank water and add, depending on coral density, ¼ to 1 teaspoon of Reef Pulse. Do not feed more than 1 teaspoon per 400 liters per day / Blend & stir well / Switch off filtration, skimmer, and circulation during target feeding (to avoid immediate removal) / Disperse a cloud of concentrated food solution over the targeted corals (e.g. by using a pipet or syringe) / When the food is consumed, restart filtration, skimmer, and circulation

Tank feeding = Fill a recipient with 500ml of tank water and add, depending on coral density, ¼ to 1 teaspoon of Reef Pulse per 400 liters of tank water. Do not feed more than 1 teaspoon per 400 liters per day. / Blend & stir well / Switch off filtration and skimmer (to avoid immediate removal) / Add the food solution to the aquarium, circulation pumps will disperse the food / Restart filtration and skimmer +/- 10 to 15 minutes later (depending on how fast the food is consumed)

  • The power food for SPS/LPS corals and a nutritional boost for your reef tank.
  • Palatable microparticles provide all essential nutrients.
  • Includes protein stimulants to trigger the feeding behavior in SPS and LPS corals.
  • Highly digestible marine proteins and free amino acids, are the building blocks for reef organisms.


Marine copepods, krill, squid, fish proteins, yeast, artemia nauplii, mussels, marine fish eggs, marine microalgae.

Guaranteed Analysis

Protein 53%
Fiber 1%
Grease 15% fat
10% ash

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