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Prestige Australian Parakeet 1kg

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Prestige Australian Parakeet 1kg

Cockatiels, Budgies, Conure and Mini-Macaws, are known as Australian Parakeets. These Australian Parakeets come from the arid parts of Australia, making their primary diet seeds, however, they will also enjoy a few fruit and vegetables. Versele-Laga Prestige Premium Australian Parakeet is made of quality seeds selected in function of the natural food of various types of Australian parakeets. The mix is a complete, balanced food that is enriched with VAM Pellets - vitamins, amino acids, and minerals, to keep the birds in great health. The tailored mixture will keep your birds fit and promote vitality and long life. Oystershell is also added to the mixture for good stomach muscle function and the right calcium-phosphorous ratio.

Enriched seed mixture: vitamins, amino acids & minerals.
High-quality seeds for the natural food of Australian parakeets.

Yellow millet, white millet, canary seed, striped sunflower seeds, peeled oats, safflower, red millet, buckwheat, hempseed, linseed, paddy rice, white sunflower seeds, wheat, Japanese millet, niger seed, V.A.M. pellets, oyster-shells