SCAPE Planted Aquarium - Complete 500ml - Jungle Aquatics
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SCAPE Planted Aquarium - Complete 500ml

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Scape Complete has been developed to be an all-in-one system for your aquarium plants. Scape Complete contains all the essential minerals and nutrients required by your aquarium plants throughout all their stages of growth.

Scape Complete contains all of the elements in our separate Scape N, Scape P as well as Scape K and Trace products. It was developed to make life simple. Simplicity is one of the key enjoyment factors of aquarium keeping, and this one-bottle solution certainly makes life so much easier.

Add one squirt (approx. 1ml) of Scape Complete per 50ml of water daily. A 30 - 50% water change should be done every week for best results.

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