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Seachem Kanaplex 5g

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Seachem KanaPlex 5g

  • Broad Spectrum Antibiotic
  • Treats fungal and bacterial fish diseases
  • Easily absorbed through both skin and gills; ingestion not required

Seachem KanaPlex 5g is a blended kanamycin-based medication that safely and effectively treats several fungal, and bacterial fish diseases (dropsy, popeye, fin/tail rot, septicemia). Also, it is absorbed by the fish. Therefore it is useful in treating internal infections in those situations where food is refused. It does not adversely affect the filter bed. Also, it is easily removed with carbon. You can dose it in a medicated food mix. Excellent for treating bacterial infections in tanks that contain invertebrates. For use in freshwater or marine aquaria.

KanaPlex is appropriate for treating a variety of fungal, and bacterial fish diseases. Below are some of the more common diseases treatable with Seachem KanaPlex. Be aware that many diseases and infections share similar physical and behavioural symptoms, e.g. clamped fins, lesions, loss of appetite.

Effectively Treats:

  • Popeye
  • Cloudy Eye
  • Fin Rot
  • Hemorrhagic Septicemia
  • Dropsy
  • Mouth Rot
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