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Seachem Metroplex 5g

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Seachem MetroPlex treats several common protozoan parasites and bacterial diseases in aquarium fish, including Cryptocaryon, Hexamita, and Ichthyophthirius (Ich). This safe, effective treatment does not adversely affect the filter bed and can be easily removed with carbon. Safe for freshwater and saltwater (marine) aquariums.

Treats protozoan parasites and anaerobic bacterial diseases. Use to treat Ich, Cryptocaryon, and Hexamita.For saltwater and freshwater aquariums.Directions: Use 1-2 measures (included) for every 10 gallons (40 L). Repeat every 2 days for up to 3 weeks or until symptoms disappear. Turn off UV, ozone, and filtration. To feed, blend 1 measure with about 1 tablespoon of frozen food paste. To minimize loss during feeding use with Focus. To enhance palatability use with GarlicGuard or Entice. Food may be refrozen.