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UltraZap Gravity Fed Pond Filters with UV

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Original price R 2,900.00 - Original price R 3,395.00
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R 2,900.00
R 2,900.00 - R 3,395.00
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Only 1 left!
Model: 15L - 8w
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UltraZap Gravity Fed Pond Filters with UV

Discover superior pond filtration with the UltraZap Gravity Fed Pond Filters, meticulously designed to ensure your pond maintains its natural beauty and vibrant ecosystem.

Key Features:

1. Sponge Filter Set: Our filter set includes a high-quality sponge, designed to effectively capture and trap debris, ensuring clear and healthy water.

2. BioBlock Filter Media: This feature provides an excellent environment for beneficial bacteria to thrive, aiding in the breakdown of harmful waste, thus maintaining a healthy balance in your pond.

3. Integrated 8W UV: Included in the filter system is an 8W UV light. This UV sterilizer effectively eliminates harmful microorganisms, ensuring a safer environment for your aquatic life.

Model Specifications:

1. 15L Gravity Filter: Perfect for smaller ponds, this filter can handle a pond volume of up to 2000L at a flow rate of 15L/min, making it both efficient and economical.

2. 25L Gravity Filter: Designed for larger ponds, this model can manage a pond volume of up to 4000L with a robust flow rate of 35L/min, ensuring optimal cleanliness and clarity at all times.

Choose UltraZap Gravity Fed Pond Filters for a reliable, efficient solution that maintains the natural balance of your pond, ensuring a clean, healthy environment for your aquatic life.

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